About Hamtak Company and Company Goals

The 1980s saw a profound change in Irans domestic production of industrial parts: self-sufficiency in the building industry was being attained, as looking for foreign markets was given top priority. That was how, among others, producers of drainage parts for buildings were offered a demanding market at home while facing the challenge of meeting high standards abroad.

As a pioneer, Hamtak could not afford to lose the opportunity for venturing in an expanding though highly competitive market. Securing itself a major share of the domestic market, it has devoted its technological stamina to the production of a series of plastic connections and fittings that has come to be known as the unsurpassed brand at home and a reliable trade mark in foreign markets.

We do feel sheltered, but only thanks to our ceaseless efforts to make sure that our customers everywhere will not have to think twice before placing orders for drainage parts they expect to give their buildings reliable, smooth functioning.

Buildings are built to serve more than one generation; so are their inner systems and vital hygienic parts. We spare no efforts to ensure that the series of connections, fitting and traps produced at Hamtak are constantly used, without being untimely seen. Our contribution is appreciated best when not heard. That is why we listen to your suggestions and demands quite willingly.

We owe our success to our clients achievements in keeping pace with the final users sophistication.



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